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Orbitum is a browser of a new generation with a built-in chat to talk to your friends on Facebook and Vkontakte
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29 December 2014

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This is a web browser.

Orbitum is a new web browser. It offers a very simple and user friendly interface. It is based on Chromium and hence quite fast. Your web browsing time could be significantly faster. It has a tabbed interface, thus you can open multiple web sites at a given time and surf around. It offers you just the necessary features and that’s another reason it is fast. If you should close the browser accidentally, it will remember and let you open the pages on reopening. Looking at the popularity of Facebook and the way people use chat with friends, this tool has Facebook chat embedded into the browser. For those of you who are addicted to the social network page, access is available as soon as you open the browser and start Internet access. Searching the net is convenient. It is in expected style. Additionally, as you type in the string, you are shown search hints. Searching could be that much quicker.

Setting up book marks is simple. There is a bookmark bar at the top and the links are available from the bar. It warns you if you land in a problematic site. You could easily get away as soon as you see the warning. It checks for updates and gets data for the security system. The information used by the browser to determine threats is thus always current. You could communicate with the developers from the browser, the developers are keen to obtain feedback and improve the user experience. This is a good product. It has many useful features. If you were looking for a product like this, this is one you could try out.

Publisher's description

Orbitum is a web-browser with simple and user friendly interface with built-in chat and feature of applying nice skins on your FB page. At first glance, when you open Orbitum for a first time you will see a simple common set of features and nothing more.
Now you also can set a nice skin on your Facebook or Vkontakte page and let other people that use Orbitum see it.
Orbitum starts fast and is able to open web-sites in tabs of one window. This let you save your computer's resources and your time. You can easily open multiple tabs at once. Also you can attach important pages to the bookmarks bar at the top of the browser. If you accidentally close Orbitum it will remember opened pages. It is convenient to search the information on the Internet with Orbitum. In a search box you can either type addresses of sites and regular search requests. As you begin typing, you will see tips for quick dialing. Can Orbitum protect my personal data while I use the Internet? Of course, Orbitum is designed to surf the Internet safely. If you try to go to a site that could be a threat to your computer, Orbitum will immediately notify you by showing a warning. Also, it will automatically check for security updates and get them.
Orbitum is the interesting and progressive browser that offers an elegant solution to communicate with friends using built-in chat and browse the Internet. A nice feature of Orbitum is a feedback form, where you can write your comments and suggestions to the developers. Indeed, Orbitum is more than just a free web browser.
Version 35.0
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